Quick Order by Item#


STEP 1. Add a product to your cart

If you have a shopping list, you can save time and use the quick order function. You don't need to scroll through the catalogue to find the product and series you are looking for—just enter the article number and place your order.

Log in and go to your cart by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the website.

Here you can add a new delivery address or select one from the list you entered earlier. To do so, click Select Delivery Method. The system provides a choice of addresses to which orders can be delivered.

To place a quick order, enter the article number or product names in the search box.

After selecting all your products, you will select promotional ones.

STEP 2. Select promotions

You can instantly add some promotional products to your order. Some promotions are selected directly in the cart, in the Promotions section. Which ones depends on the current catalogue and which promotions' terms you have met.

The list of products at super prices opens after you click the promotions module.

Find the desired promotion and click Select Products. Add the required number of products and click Apply.

The list of all promotions and their ordering method is published in the Catalogue News section at the beginning of each period.

You can choose business support materials (discount catalogues, samples, etc.) in the Promotions section in your cart.

Some of the promotions may not be displayed if your main order amount is not enough to apply the discount. In this case, add more products to your order, and the necessary promotion will appear in the Promotions section.

STEP 3. Place your order

The Order Summary module displays your order amount at catalogue prices, your order amount with any applied discounts and the number of points you will earn for the order. Click Continue to proceed with the order. This will open a window with the order receipt and the final price. Here you will also see the total weight of your parcel and the number of units in your order. At this step, you can select a delivery method:

  • Pick up the entire order at once (when all products are in stock).
  • Split it into two parts (first, you will receive products that are already in stock, then all backordered products will be shipped when the last one becomes available).
  • As products become available (we will combine products by the date they are restocked and divide your order into several orders).

If you need to return to your cart, you can do so from here by clicking the Back button.

Click Order to complete order placement. A window will then appear with confirmation that your order has been placed.

Please note: after you click the Order button, the order cannot be edited or placed again; you can only delete it..

Click the Payment button to pay for the order.